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20150413 120200-565

Fully Loaded Genuine Mitsubishi Accesories

Triton etc etc 012-887

April dump 2017 289-144

April 2016 056-280

Dress With Your Choice of Alloy Wheels
April dump 2017 173-501

April dump 2017 152-284

April dump 2017 148-718

April dump 2017 150-865

April dump 2017 218-483
Order Your Service Vehicle Today,

and we will design it to suit your business's needs


20151029 080316-554

Hard Lid and Towbars Available
Piako Special Leather Interior (Retro) 002-99

Piako Special Leather Interior (Retro) 007-197
Triton etc etc 015-984

Triton etc etc 017-355

Or Up Grade To Leather Seats

Buser Triton Etc 001-877

Load Lid Sports Bar Combos Available

Buser Triton Etc 009-600

Load Lid Sports Bar Combos Available

Canopy 1

Canopy's Available


Opening window and Navara etc 001-736

1/4 Opening Side Windows Up Grade Available

Ideal For Dog Owners

Also Fully Lift Up Window For Tradie's 


Personalize Your Triton To Suit Your Personality 

white triton glxr etc 002-276-693

white triton glxr etc 004-22


Buser Triton Etc 006-175

Bed Rugs Available

20151029 114914-904

Graphics Available

20160129 161549-300

Budge Bars Available

Ruggered Edition Triton 001 edit-47

Ruggered Edition Triton 004-761

Ruggered Edition Triton 005 edited-853Ruggered Edition Triton 008-383Ruggered Edition Triton 011-771

Ruggered Edition Triton 015-521

Rugged Platinum Edition Triton

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Tyre Up Grades and Custom Flat Decks Made to Order

Forestry Training NZ-407
Forestry Training NZ1-672

Forestry Training NZ2-642

Gull Wing Tool Boxes


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Custom Deck Made to Order with Tonneau Cover

March 2017 016-838

March 2017 021-784

March 2017 023-756
High Sides Made on Request

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