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OSL Triton

Triton Club Cab GLX 4WD,Custom Built To Suit Your Needs 

20'' Alloy Wheels, Gull Wing Tool Boxes, Sliding Draw, Wash Bottle Kit, Vice Mount,Towbar, Nudge Bar, Extensive Led Lighting,Bonnet Protector,Monsoons, Running Boards, 
Orange VRX Triton-242

New Trtion VRX 4WD,Crown Canopy,Deck Liner,Towbar  
Ellys Ute-252-356

New Trtion VRX 4WD Genuine Nudge Bar, Hard Lid, Bonnet Protector, Door Garnishes.  
Aitchison ute-291-440

New Trtion VRX 4WD Genuine Nudge Bar, Hard Lid, Bonnet Protector.  

Pajero Exceed

New Pajero Exceed, Black 20'' Alloys,Genuine Front Alloy Replacement Front Bumper, Bonnet Protector

Triton etc etc 012-887

April dump 2017 289-144

April 2016 056-280

Dress With Your Choice of Alloy Wheels
April dump 2017 173-501

April dump 2017 152-284

April dump 2017 148-718

April dump 2017 150-865

April dump 2017 218-483
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20151029 080316-554

Hard Lid and Towbars Available
Piako Special Leather Interior (Retro) 002-99

Piako Special Leather Interior (Retro) 007-197
Triton etc etc 015-984

Triton etc etc 017-355

Or Up Grade To Leather Seats

Buser Triton Etc 001-877

Load Lid Sports Bar Combos Available

Buser Triton Etc 009-600

Load Lid Sports Bar Combos Available

Canopy 1

Canopy's Available


Opening window and Navara etc 001-736

1/4 Opening Side Windows Up Grade Available

Ideal For Dog Owners

Also Fully Lift Up Window For Tradie's 


Personalize Your Triton To Suit Your Personality 

white triton glxr etc 002-276-693

white triton glxr etc 004-22


Buser Triton Etc 006-175

Bed Rugs Available

20151029 114914-904

Graphics Available

20160129 161549-300

Budge Bars Available

Ruggered Edition Triton 001 edit-47

Ruggered Edition Triton 004-761

Ruggered Edition Triton 005 edited-853Ruggered Edition Triton 008-383Ruggered Edition Triton 011-771

Ruggered Edition Triton 015-521

Rugged Platinum Edition Triton

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Tyre Up Grades and Custom Flat Decks Made to Order

Forestry Training NZ-407
Forestry Training NZ1-672

Forestry Training NZ2-642

Gull Wing Tool Boxes


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Custom Deck Made to Order with Tonneau Cover

March 2017 016-838

March 2017 021-784

March 2017 023-756
High Sides Made on Request

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